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Tonkin Products

Tonkin Products


The Client

Established in 2001, Tonkin Products are a privately owned UK based food business specialised in sourcing, developing, and producing unique, top-quality, added value, prepared foods & authentic ambient essentials from Vietnam.


The challenge

Tonkin Products, like so many organisations of their size, often faces challenges when recruiting. Being a small business it is essential for them to hire people who cannot only do the job they are recruited for but must also fit into the culture of their small team. They were recruiting for a key member of their Finance Team who had been with Tonkin Products for five years and a very difficult act to follow. The company also needs people to be office based four days a week which can also be a challenge in these days of hybrid working.


The approach/solution

We chose to work with Savant due to our past relationship with recruiter Brett, Senior Consultant, from Savant who had worked with us on a number of finance jobs in the past, specialising in similar roles in and around London. Brett really understands our business, the personalities involved and the challenges we have faced with recruitment in the past. Brett had also recruited the person we were recruiting to replace which gave the assignment an immediate head start with what we were looking for. This familiarity with the company allowed Savant/Brett to present a small but relevant pool of candidates extremely quickly. One of which we recruited into the business. Savant's consultative approach and expertise in the financial recruitment market continued to bring value to us by managing the process from offer to acceptance and providing ongoing support and handling some tricky issues along the way. After the candidate started, they kept in regular touch with us to find out how things were going. Savant differs from many other recruitment companies in that they listened to our needs and delivered accordingly. As a result, we successfully filled the position through them. Savant Recruitment has been very good to work with. They know how to interpret the job brief and have listened to us. They have given us what we want.


The outcome/benefits

Streamlined recruitment process: Savant's consultative approach in understanding the clients business needs, personalities involved and the challenges they faced with recruitment resulted in a very timely and successful recruitment for the replacement of a key member of their Finance Team. Expertise in Financial Recruitment: Savant's strong knowledge of the Financial Recruitment market in the London area helped in identifying suitable candidates for the role with the necessary skills and experience in a very timely manner Effective communication and ongoing support: Savant managed the recruitment process from offer to acceptance and remained in regular contact with the client post-recruitment to ensure a smooth transition and address any issues that arose, showing a level of commitment and dedication not always found with other recruitment agencies.


''Savant Recruitment has been very good to work with. They know how to interpret the job brief and have listened to us. They have given us what we want.''
Sarah Hudson - HR Manager