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COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 Solutions


COVID-19 Solutions


Businesses are currently experiencing a dramatic journey through the change curve that is as a result of external forces.  This is not internally lead change, which can be planned, managed and responded to in a more controlled manner.  External forces, creating change requires a different level of response from Leadership teams.


Where are you on the curve? Everyone experiences change differently, with individuals, teams and organisations being at different points on the change curve at any moment in time.  It is vital that leaders have the skills to identify where their organisation is on this change curve, and design communications, decisions and their strategy accordingly.

Any organisation that has experienced a crisis such as Covid-19 will describe the after-math as being the time they wish they had more insight into the state of their people.  People can become ‘stuck' on the curve, with stories of the crisis creating the fabric of the future culture of the organisation.  

This future culture will determine business performance, with people either feeling motivated and inspired and energised to contribute towards the recovery of the organisation or stuck in a negative story about the experience they have had.

Leaders need to be able to respond, rather than react.  The recent global events have sent people into a state of crisis and survival.  In this state, you need to be able to use your emotional intelligence to regulate your own survival response to be able to lead your people through this.  

Regulating your leadership emotional response means reality testing situations so that decision making is being made from a more rational and less emotive place.  It means increasing empathy and considering the medium and long term impact of decisions being made and communicated.  It also means being able to come up with innovative ways to encourage people to collaborate and stay connected.

There will be a need for HR teams to redesign their approach to managing people.  A greater focus on well-being, prioritising innovating creative ways of working that keep people safe and well while also enabling business priorities.  

Training, learning and development will need to focus more closely on developing emotional intelligence competencies to increase resilience and dealing with change.

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