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Executive Performance Coaching

Executive Performance Coaching


Vision and Mission


Why do you need a coach? Our mission is to elevate the level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in the workplace to maximize performance within any organization and evolve corporate culture globally. The goal behind our work is to create innovative workplace environments that help people bring their happiness from work back home. Our sole purpose here is to shift corporate culture from ego-driven leadership to conscious leadership.

Why do you need to evolve your leadership style? To elevate the consciousness of Leaders encouraging an evolved leadership style that creates financial and social value. Educating Leaders in Strengths Coaching, EQ Development and Corporate Consciousness Management to unlock performance and potential in all areas of the business. Ultimately, positively impacting the lives of the company employees, their families, communities they serve and societies that they impact.


Awareness Assessment

This is a self-awareness assessment designed to help anyone deeply understand who they are as a leader, learn how they work best, and perform powerfully in a way that feels natural to them. Overall, the results of this analysis will show you and only you how you can perform at your peak.  This assessment will also show you how you can best interact with your teams to get the best out of them.

1-ON-1 Coaching

This is a 6-12 month coaching experience for executives and management designed to help them expand their level of self awareness so that they can perform in their power and accelerate their business results.  Over the program, leaders start to perform at their peak, while also empowering their teams to elevate their performance.  Productivity increases, well-being improves and leaders find they can achieve more, in less time, with the resources they already have.

Group Coaching

This is a 12 month online group coaching experience designed for Executives to raise your emotional intelligence and become a more powerful and authentic leader in the workplace so that you can transcend your current levels of performance.  The power of group coaching is shared stories and experiences.  This program covers Emotional Intelligence and Performance, Team Dynamics, Collaborating Effectively, building a trust culture and learning to fail successfully.

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