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People Transformation and Projects

People Transformation & Projects


Why Transform People?


An organisation’s most valuable asset is its people - a commonly stated fact.  However, understanding people and what motivates them, stops them, inspires them and provides them with the necessary conditions for performance is vital for successful transformation.

Organisations that are not transforming are not responding to their environment.  The world we live in today requires businesses to be in almost a constant state of evolution and transformation.  Our people need to be able to cope with and respond to this - they are the vehicle that will deliver change.

It is important to understand what change and transformation does to people.  We are habitual, we are 95% of the time operating from our subconscious.  This means, we are not consciously choosing our behaviour.  For an organisation to successfully navigate change and transformation, there needs to be alignment at a subconscious level across the organisation.  This is cultural alignment.  Culture, behaviour, values and beliefs all reside in our subconscious.

Most change programs only address the surface level behavioural drivers needed for change such as Decision Making, Collaboration Techniques, Project Management Methodologies and sometimes Organisational Design and Structure.

To ensure change and transformation is managed and led successfully, the subconscious drivers need to be addressed at the same time.  This requires leaders to be educated in coaching, listening and sensing the change in culture and direction of people’s thoughts and beliefs.

This is simpler than it sounds, and it requires much less time, energy and effort than the systematic techniques used to manage change.

Leading through Change

Leaders who can create communications that speak to their employees subconscious mind, that evoke emotion, connection and inspiration lead successfully through transformation.

Leaders who can let go of the ‘How’ and empower their people to find the right solutions and pathway through Transformation - succeed.

Leaders who have mastered themselves, are self-aware and can use this awareness to understand others - succeed.

This is all Emotional Intelligence, and can be learnt.  Emotional Intelligence and Transformation go hand in hand, and work in harmony with the other transformation initiatives such as competency training and development, recruitment, onboarding and performance management.  Emotional Intelligence and technical transformation go hand in hand, embedding EI techniques into Project Management methodologies and frameworks results in projects being delivered more effectively, whether than be in less time, less cost or with more quality.

Being able to understand how transformation and change is going to be received by your organisation, and then how to respond to that in the most effective way is vital for successful people transformation programs.


Case Study: People Transformation & Projects

ASX 20 Listed Mining Company

Mining company X worked with Zoe to create and embed a culture of performance across it's Executive Lead Team and mining and processing plant in Western Australia.

The Executive Coaching work that Zoe did with the Executive Team and CEO included looking at the reality of their current operational performance and understanding the real and future operational risks related to their own individual and collective performance.  This work then moved into coaching and developing areas of personal and professional performance that focussed on collaboration, trust and emotional intelligence.

Zoe coached the Executive team to better understand their own personal motivations and the individual and collective purpose of the group.  This work heightened the team's sense of identity and cohesiveness.

At an operational level, Zoe led 3 day performance and Emotional Intelligence coaching workshops with the management team of the mine and processing plant, she also then worked with their team of Superintendents and Co-ordinators.  Leading groups of up to 60 people through a 3 day experience to unlock performance, create cohesiveness and trust, Zoe designed bespoke coaching experiences to address the challenges being faced at the site in that moment.

As a result of these workshops, a new focus was placed on business critical KPIs and a new level of commitment and engagement emerged from the operational teams.  The leadership team galvanised, understood at a deeper level how to perform individually and as a collective resulting in their KPIs improving exponentially.  Operational ownership over cost management improved giving management more reassurance that these critical KPIs would continue to be managed effectively across the site.

The key challenge of any commodity operation is keeping production up, cost down and return on capital invested in-line with shareholder expectations.  The teams at Worsley developed their culture of performance, focussing not only on delivering against these critical KPIs but also focussing on giving back to their communities, supporting each other and establishing Worsley as an even greater place to work.

Zoe's ability to listen to the needs of the individual and the collective, design experiences and coaching that can quickly shift the group from one state to another and inspire people to unlock their own true potential will help any organisation access more performance.  She can coach at an Executive level to help leaders understand how to lead and coach their business towards high performance.  She can also work at an operational level, with large groups to empower, inspire and mobilise them towards high performance as defined by the Executive team.

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