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The core values of our organisation are quality candidates delivered by experts in a timeline that matches the clients' needs in a cost effective way that delivers real value to our clients. We believe this is achieved by our partnership model, a product that differentiates us from the rest of the market and will allow us to assist clients in their growth and transitional journey.

Benefits of our partnership model

  • Access to thousands of expert candidates within each specialist area, who are in the market not just 'on the market'.
  • With our partners involved, we screen candidates through a thorough technical assessment, only recommending proven candidates for our clients.
  • We have created a subject matter expert community amongst our candidates for the benefit of our clients. Both designed to support our teams ongoing professional development and access to our body of knowledge to support their assignments, on an exclusive basis.
  • We are able to build teams cost effectively using a combination of on and near-shore candidates.

We have established a number of alliances in the following areas where we feel we could add value within your organisation from purely a recruitment and a project standpoint.

Key Achievements

Actus Verto

At Actus Verto we’re passionate about delivery and believe our innovative Delivery as a Service (DaaS) approach can change the way digital transformation is delivered. Our proven model drives delivery and achieves measurable business benefit in a quicker timeline.

With extensive experience in CRM, ERP and digital technologies, we help organisations build highly efficient operations in the cloud.

Our vision goes further than getting the job done. On every engagement, we work in partnership to upskill in-house teams and build a modern delivery capability that drives value long after our engagement is complete.



Building tech without the hiccups is what we do.

Collaboration is in our nature. It’s at the heart of everything we do with our clients, our partners and our teams.

We aren’t just your technology provider, we’re your technology partner- driving your business forward and providing solutions to problems.

Each of our team brings a positive attitude and proactive approach. We place a strong emphasis on close collaboration which leads to fruitful partnerships with our clients, which include Tesco, T-mobile, the Summer Olympic Games or Metlife.

As part of the globally renowned Adastra Group, ADAMAPP consists of some of the most experienced minds in tech.

Our innovative approach to development begins with continuous learning and a strong partnership between our team and yours. We make your goals our own and help drive your business forward.



Being obsessed with innovation, Qintess drives their customers' digital journey towards sustainable business growth. Qintess' solutions are centred around Digital Experience, Agile Software Development, Automation and Analytics & Decision Science.

This global capability is delivered by an experienced team of circa 2,000 software developers, data scientists and data engineers, with operations in Latin America (Brazil, Chile and Colombia) and offices in North America and Europe.



Bruhati Solutions are Technology experts that support organisations through their Digital Transformation journey. The Bruhati team has over 20 years of experience in consulting in IT Architecture and IT Delivery across industries. Here are the services they offer:

Strategy & Architecture: Providing a holistic approach to Organisational Change, Design & Delivery assurance, from inception to realisation of a programme - their proven Architecture & Design Assurance Framework (ADAF™) complements existing frameworks and gives assurance in all aspects of programme delivery.

Business Transformation: Performing business health checks and clearly articulating the cost efficiency of processes, identifying expensive and inefficient manual processes and helping with adopting automation, providing strategic business planning, design, and reporting.

Agile Delivery: Supporting the Agile adoption process, setting up a centralised Transformation Programme Management Office (TPMO) for Agile assurance, as well as offering a Design & Delivery Assurance service.

Cloud Services: Helping with the development of a business value focused Cloud Adoption Strategy that integrates existing IT architecture to support Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models.


Cloud Gaia

We are 100% Salesforce, the World's #1 CRM.

We design and deliver innovative software solutions, allowing users to get the most over a trusted, flexible, and scalable platform.

We are Salesforce multi-cloud experts.

We connect Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and IT. We are committed to a customer-centric approach, focusing on creating positive experiences for the brands by maximizing offerings and building better relationships through a single source of truth.

We ignite evolution.

We bring Salesforce to life by successfully integrating it into a comprehensive solution. We build the now with a vision on the next evolution of our clients business. Not just software, but mindset and business practices.

We understand, breath and love Salesforce. Let's Evolve Together.