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At Savant, we've developed effective recruitment processes. From initial engagement right through to on-boarding, our highly effective talent matching capability provides the highest penetration of candidate reach.

We build bespoke talent pools that are aligned with our clients' values, vision and cultural fit, and we only put forward people who we believe are the right fit for the role - those capable of integrating smoothly into your team and thus improving the long term retention of staff.


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Our collaborative approach encompasses the entire human resources circle, allowing us to help clients with their workforce planning. We undertake extensive client assessment to ensure we have a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges, as well as their vision and values enabling us to make an accurate skill, role and people specification, making a precise correlation between people and roles.


Our clients benefit greatly from our best in breed candidate database, which averages an upload of 2,400 CV’s per week and has the capability to automatically allocate these to clients’ latest recruitment requirements. In addition to this, it ensures that we hold all relevant documentation for applicants before commencement of the interview process. Once compliant the candidate can then be progressed further.


We have established a rigorous screening and selection process, blending traditional techniques with engaging interaction methods in order to identify distinctive capabilities whilst aligning cultural fits. These methods include online appraisals, interviews and assessment centres. Our candidate analytical methodology only recommends candidates who have immediate cultural match, and most importantly possess the right skills, knowledge and capabilities to succeed.


Our recruitment ethos is centred on client needs and candidate aspirations, we appreciate high quality talent demands a fast, responsive hiring experience, which motivates candidates to engage effectively from day one of hire. Acting ambassadors for our clients we ensure the candidate journey is positively stimulating. This motivation should then manifest itself into harnessing their true potential.

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