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Be a Secret Santa for a Vulnerable Child this Christmas.



Christmas, for children, is magical. Decorating the tree. Delicious food. Presents! But there are children all over the UK who will wake up on Christmas morning to nothing but a cold house. No toys, no treats, no Christmas dinner – maybe no dinner at all. Your gift could help change this. You could help put the magic back into Christmas.
Vulnerable children in the UK desperately need a Secret Santa like you. 
The cost of living crisis is hurting too many children – leaving them extremely vulnerable. In 2020/21, 1.4 million UK children didn’t have the basics – the essential things that every child should have – like cooked meals, winter clothes and a warm home. It’s shocking. 
But there’s hope. You could be a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in the UK. Your support could help stop children going hungry. Your gift could help make sure children have the essentials. You could help keep children warm.
And you could help put the magic back into Christmas. 
Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child.
Click here to choose a gift or to make your valuable contribution:
Date: 08/12/2022



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