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Building Business Value



Join us for a practical and engaging round-table breakfast to explore the elements of real-world business value. 

Date: 28 September, 2022

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am

Venue: Malmaison Reading, 18-20 Station Road, Reading RG1 1JX

Whether or not you are building a business for sale or expecting to raise investment, it makes sense to focus on those aspects of your business which will deliver the most return to shareholders.

We will:

  • Unpick the value equation used by buyers and investors and explain what it means
  • Identify some easy wins 
  • Consider deal multiples and what drives them
  • Highlight some value detractors and elephant traps to avoid

Tightly focussed, drawing on real-life examples and as interactive as you like, the session will be led by Wendy Hart, who has 30+ years of advising on M&A and PE transactions, with contributions from Mark Snaith, Investment Director at Connection Capital.

Please RSVP on or click on the following link to confirm your attendance along with any dietary requirements. We hope to see you there.

Date: 28/09/2022

Location: Malmaison Reading, 18-20 Station Road, Reading RG1 1JX


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