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Performance Coaching for Success



Savant was pleased to invite individuals to their latest series of seminars: ‘Performance Coaching for Success’ with guest speaker Zoe Williams of Inspire Lifestyle Coaching. The seminar was held on Thursday 28th March, 9am - 11.45am at The Shard, London Bridge.

Zoe is a coach with over 15 years' experience of working in FTSE 100, FTSE 250 finance, risk and internal audit teams. She has worked closely with CEO's, Executives and Non-Executive Board Members.

The benefits of coaching to build high performance are very well known in the sporting industry; we cannot tell an athlete how to perform better, they must learn through guidance, challenge and testing techniques out on themselves. Coaching in the workplace, for unlocking performance that results in excellence is very similar.  Many coaching techniques have been developed from positive psychology and sports psychology methods.

First Session
Emotional Intelligence – how it can be assessed, developed and used to generate high performance
·        Overview of Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient - EQ) – what it is, how it affects performance both at individual and group level.
·        Group Exercise - looking at how Emotional Intelligence could impact on delivery - discussion on how EQ could be used to resolve issues. 
·        How to measure EQ to drive performance – a look at an online tool used and the power it can have in team and individual development.

Second Session
Coaching Techniques most useful in generating high performance:
·        Questions – what to ask and how to unlock even more potential in yourself and teams.
·        Listening – how to listen most effectively to understand others needs.
·        Managing vs. Coaching – the benefits of being a leader who coaches as well as manages teams and when to use either technique.

As with all our seminars, we offered it on a complimentary basis but with a suggested donation to our nominated charity, Byte Night.

Feedback from our previous seminars:
"I found it most enlightening and it has really got me thinking about how I can improve the way I manage my team"
"I enjoyed The Shard event this morning – Zoe was brilliant, and has certainly set a very high bar.  It has prompted me to think about what I could do that would be as powerful as that."
"A very interesting and thought provoking event,  I think I was "Listening" and resisting the urge to Actively Listen."

Please get in touch to see what seminars are currently in the pipeline and to reserve a spot. 

Date: 18/02/2019

Location: London


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