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2022 Devops Trends you should know about!

Posted by Krishangi Dahiya on 28/07/2022


DevOps is an approach to developing applications such that the barriers between development and production are broken down. It aims to bring collaboration between developers and operation staff to ensure delivery speed and reduced costs. Furthermore, CI (COntinuous integration) and CD (Continuous development) are encouraged throughout the process; CI refers to testing each code before sending it to production and CD refers to deploying changes immediately after they are tested. 

Several companies have adopted the Devops methodology to improve efficiency and agility and to find better ways to create, deploy, monitor and manage the software development lifecycle. Although it is a fairly new concept, it has quickly gained traction and in 2022 you can expect to see the following trends in this space :

1. Container Technologies 

It is projected that Devops teams will need to use container technologies when needing to deploy applications at scale. Container native services like Kubernetes will become more popular due to their ability to provide custom resources that can manage large applications. It is expected for container technologies to become more and more popular due to their ability to scale up and out. 

2.  Microservices Architecture 

In 2022, you can expect microservices architecture to make application processes faster, cheaper and more efficient for organisations that adopt DevOps practices. With microservices architecture, each team builds small prices of functionality which can be combined into larger applications or systems. It increases efficiencies in software delivery and allows teams to use smaller features more frequently. 

3. Infrastructure as code

IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is a development practice which automates deployment and ongoing operations of application and service infrastructures. With IaC, companies don't have to worry about configuring resources and updating infrastructure manually. As a result, it increases efficiency and reduces cost. 

4. Automation and Artificial Intelligence 

Another major trend that will impact the DevOps space during the next decade is the rise of automation and artificial intelligence. These technologies have impacted the way businesses interact with customers, employees, partners and suppliers. In 2022, you can expect to see the adoption of automation tools to help devops teams handle massive amounts of data. 

5. DevSecOps

Security is becoming increasingly important for all types of applications and infrastructure. This means Devops professionals need to work in close collaboration with security experts to ensure their data remains secure from threats while data is being deployed and updated. DevSecOps is a term that refers to these kinds of collaboration. This methodology has yielded better security outcomes for companies that have adopted them and you can expect to see more of it in 2022 and the coming years. 

Cloud-based migration is an excellent solution for businesses looking to cloud technologies to achieve their goals, but companies must begin by understanding how to keep their platforms running efficiently, know about their options and determine the best course of action. Savant is informed by robust market research and anticipates the growth in the cloud technology sector; we are prepared to meet our client’s potential talent needs in their transformation journeys through our extensive network of cloud and DevOps professionals. To know more about how we can support you, reach out to us at - for a free consultation! 



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