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A Roadmap for SME Companies on How To Optimise Salesforce Commerce cloud

Posted by Julia Guesmia on 15/07/2021


As the world slowly begins to reopen their economy, companies can no longer ignore changing consumer behaviours because of the effects from remote working employees and the rise of all things internet - which are now not just pandemic trends. 

So how can SMEs both recover from this health crisis and achieve growth in the new normal world? 

There is a clear shift on how businesses need to adapt and align to meet the new expectations of their customers, these at a base level include:

  • Lowering the time and cost to identify and acquire customers. 
  • Retaining customers with a laser-sharp focus on service. 
  • Consolidating “disparate systems”, both to reduce costs and to build consistent, connected employee and customer experiences. 
  • Keeping employees, partners, and customers engaged. 

SMEs companies must align to these priorities for optimum results. And only those technologies that are specially tailored to integrate into a mid-market company’s unique setup can enable such an alignment.


How Salesforce Commerce can build up these roadblocks 

It is very likely that all companies have built up a CRM system over the past few years if not decades, with these organisations needing to start investing in other tools to further streamline their day to day operations including marketing and sales to be able to not only survive but thrive. 

In this “new normal” world we are living in at the moment, the Salesforce CRM platform takes the driver’s seat. All business strategies can be combined together on the platform with the right selected Salesforce products in order for your company to stay relevant and competitive. 

Here are our top three key areas where the strategic use of Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help fast-track your business growth.

1. Building a robust infrastructure 

The pandemic exposed many companies to vulnerabilities within their infrastructure that they would have otherwise not have known about. The devastating effects of lockdowns, social distancing, working from home and limited physical contact caused huge impacts with disruptions across supply chains, customer service and other inflating demands from panic buying. 

With the Salesforce Commerce cloud, your company is able to operate in an agile manner irrespective of inflating demand, instead your remote workforce are equipped to work from anywhere in the world when they work on a system on the cloud. 


2. Selling business models have changed forever

Regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, every SME company that sells to customers or partners needs a solid e-commerce strategy in play in order to compete with the marketplace at scale. Not only does operating within an e-commerce environment strengthen brand loyalty but you of course immediately are instantly able to broaden the customer base outreach. 


3. Executing your e-commerce strategy 

To successfully execute such a strategy, Salesforce’s Commerce cloud is a very intuitive technology that lets you build branded e-commerce platforms that make purchase experiences super-convenient and interactive. For example, on the platform SMEs can quickly start selling across multiple platforms including - mobile, the web, and numerous social media platforms - with the use of its easy-to-use, plug-and-play e-commerce features.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers great solutions for brand loyalty, marketing, social media marketing, customer journey mapping, and ensure a robust cloud infrastructure to help you personalise customer communications across every digital touchpoint — from anywhere.

That's why at Savant Technology Recruitment we have partnered with CloudGaia

A platinum Worldwide Salesforce partner - with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to building digital solutions on the Salesforce platform. Our partners team of cloud experts, developers and product support specialists has extensive experience working with Salesforce cloud platforms and APIs. They can provide professional service for all products as well as Technical Architecture and Integration of Data and Systems.

Our strategic partnership allows our customers to find talent within specific areas and markets that business leaders typically do not know where to find top talent. This initiative alliance has helped large and SME firms to be connected to candidates that have been technically assessed to bring high level top talent in the ecosystem. 

Through our partnership, professionals have been introduced to our partners who will put them forward for an interview.

To find out more about how our partners have supported our customers and in turn help you with your recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to contact us via or visit us at


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