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I have Qualified as an ACCA Accountant - What next?

Posted by Brett Lewis on 18/10/2023


An ACCA qualification can open many doors for you. As a full ACCA member, you’ll be able to include the letters after your name and access to a range of CPD (Continuing Professional
Development) materials to further develop your skills. There are many options regarding what you do next. Here are some of them.

Get a Job in Industry:
When you are Qualified, you will be in demand because businesses need people like you..Here are just some of the industry jobs you could expect to get with your ACCA qualification:
● Management Accountant
● Financial Accountant
● Corporate Treasurer
● Fund Accountant
● Tax Specialist

As you progress, you’ll have an opportunity to move into one of the following roles.
● Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
● Finance Director
● Financial Controller
● Finance Manager

Get a Job in Practice
Accounting firms help identify the best solutions for clients in all sorts of industries, so you get the benefit of using your skills across a broad range of businesses, giving great variety to your career. They often specialise in services such as: tax, management consulting, mergers and acquisitions and forensic accounting. It can be varied and high-pressured, but it’s a
rewarding career.

Work for Yourself or do Freelance Work
The beauty of an accounting role is that you have the option to work on your own terms. With an ACCA qualification you will already have at least three years relevant employment
experience as specified by the qualification. You will have enough experience, and some confidence, you’re free to work for yourself or do freelance or consulting work.

Convert to Law
Many who complete ACCA decide that they are attracted to the area of Law. The Law module in the ACCA qualification gives you a solid grounding in corporate and business law,
so there are some crossovers. However, if you want to practice law after becoming an ACCA member, you’ll still need to look into studying for a law degree.

Study More!
If you have the studying bug and want to pursue further education to help your career, there are a number of options open to you, once you have qualified.

CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser)
The CTA is the most prestigious and highest level tax qualification available in the UK. This will open up many doors for you if you want to specialise in Tax. This will eventually help you get a position in practice or industry and is a highly sought after specialism.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
Chartered Financial Analyst status is globally recognised and a common qualification. Although it is a popular post graduate course, many study after completing ACCA.. This
qualification is often required if you are looking to get a finance role with a large organisation or Big Four Chartered Accountants. Potential roles for those who are CFA certified include:
● Asset Management,
● Risk Management,
● Consulting
● Corporate Banking.

MBA (Master’s of Business Administration)
An MBA is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that provides an overview of key business practices and is highly valued by top employers, usually in industry.
These are only some of the many doors open to you when you are ACCA Qualified. The best advice would be to research your options and find the right route for you. Keep your eye
on the job market during your studies and discover what’s out there. If you’re not sure, don’t worry as you do have time to breathe after studying. Make sure you feel confident in your
next steps and you’ll have a greater chance of success.

I’m Here to Help.
When you are talking to recruiters, there are many things you need to consider and they will be able to advise you on the best fit for you in terms of career progression
and cultural fit. As a newly qualified accountant, you are now highly sought after so don’t settle for anything less than a role and industry that is right for you!!
I am here to talk so please give me a call at Savant Recruitment. My number is 07946 496675 or email me at


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