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My Experience With Savant Recruitment - Charlotte Rabiei

Posted by Charlotte Rabiei on 26/08/2021


I first joined Savant for a week of work experience four years ago when I was 15 years old. My knowledge of recruitment and IT was non-existent and I had never been in a professional work environment before. I have since returned to Savant every summer, each year feeling as if I have accumulated more and more confidence and knowledge in not only recruitment, but also in my own professional capability.

In my first year, I was warmly introduced to the team, placing me in an environment in which I immediately felt encouraged to succeed but also welcome to fail. I became familiarised with the database and job boards and began learning the process of selecting CVs. This, I found to be particularly useful since when I returned to school and we were tasked with making our own CVs, I was able to present the one I made during my time at Savant (it had even been approved by founder and managing director, Mark Sheldon). During that week I knew that everyone not only wanted me to do good work for the business but to also have this learning experience in which I would gain my first taste of professional life.

I was eager to return to Savant following my first year, and with each year I was exposed to more and more elements of the business. In my second year, I got the opportunity to interview potential candidates that I had found through job boards and help determine whether they were appropriate for the role. This gave me my first experience in an interview atmosphere (albeit I was an interviewer) and through this I became more acutely aware of the do’s and don’ts of interview decorum, since I was scrutinising those in front of me. Getting to witness a candidate whose CV I had found go through the hiring process successfully was extremely gratifying and gave me the first taste of victory within this line of work.

My third year saw a shift in location to our homes due to the pandemic. While I had assumed I would find this experience more isolated than my previous two years, I was proven wrong, with daily group meet calls and frequent phone calls throughout the day nullifying the feeling of remoteness and preventing any opportunity for miscommunication. I was nudged outside of my comfort zone with encouragement to begin calling candidates directly. With guidance, I was able to touch base with candidates and now do so often and without apprehension. 

This year, I returned to Savant for my second year of remote working. I have sourced companies and managers to contact for potential work, increased efficiency within our database by ensuring all our information is up-to-date and scoured the job boards looking for good candidates for multiple IT roles. It is obvious that technology plays a vital role in modern society and yet I am still constantly amazed by the different contributions the people I am in frequent contact with make to sustain and advance it. 

The feeling of imposter syndrome within a professional workspace has, over the past four years, been quashed by my growing confidence in my own value within the team at Savant, thanks to their encouragement and constant support. My time here has given me access to the big scary world beyond school but I am not so afraid because of my trust in the people here and in my own capability, which Savant has helped me recognise.


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