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My Internship at Savant

Posted by Gigliola Tarabini on 09/12/2021


I started my internship with the intention of getting to know the human resources area as much as possible. I applied for a two-month internship at Savant Recruitment with the desire to experience this area firsthand. When I arrived at Savant I was immediately welcomed and had a great team surrounding and supporting me. 

One of the first things I was taught was how to use Savants CRM (Customer relationship management) system, a program to search for candidates. After I got used to it, I started looking for candidates with the necessary requirements using various job boards such as Totaljobs, Reed, CV-Library, Linkedin. Day after day, week after week I had the opportunity to experiment with other tasks, such as reviewing CVs, sending emails to companies, and contacting candidates.

During my internship, I have always been guided and supported. Thanks to my team, I was able to learn as much as possible. The most stimulating part was undoubtedly the confrontation with those who have been working in this sector for years and trying to find and contact new companies to work with us. I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the manager of a company and to go to a business lunch. In my time at Savant, I got the chance to see and understand the full life cycle of recruitment from sourcing and interviewing through to the offer stages.

The internship was of a hybrid nature, I went to the office a few days a week but nevertheless, I have always been in contact with my colleagues and I have been able to learn a lot from them. Although I had little knowledge and little practice in the sector, I never felt discouraged because, even when I had to face new tasks and new challenges, I always had support and new stimuli.


Thanks to this experience at Savant I have acquired new working skills, known my strengths, and understood that I would love to continue learning and working in this sector.



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