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Planning for Change

Posted by Paul Clutton on 28/03/2023


With the constantly changing challenges faced by businesses due to Brexit, supply chain issues, inflation and other macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, it’s no surprise that most businesses have had to implement changes in order to remain competitive.

As a finance and technology recruitment specialist, we have seen a sharp rise in roles specifically created to manage this change.

So, what are the key elements to consider when planning for a change project?

  • Thorough Planning - Have a very well thought out project plan and well defined timeline, clear deliverables and know when the optimal time is to start the project
  • Project Cost - Secure commitment to an appropriate budget and adequate resources
  • Commitment From Leadership - Ensure that you have very clear and well-communicated sponsorship from the C-suite
  • Support & Buy-In From Project Teams - It’s key that whoever is to be delivering the project is committed to the project, has clear milestones and is accountable for delivering results and outcomes.
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Project Management & Change Management - Project management brings a structured process and set of deliverables to the technical side whereas change management should focus on the people side of change
  • Role Definition and Clarity - What each role requires, who will do what and clarity around what is expected
  • Understanding of the Operational Impact - How will the change impact on people’s roles and responsibilities? What will need to change and have people been consulted and realigned where appropriate?

Whatever the project, it is essential that businesses understand how much of an impact a project delivery failure can have on the organisation; not just in terms of time and money but also the effect on staff.

Often, allocating people internally to deliver a project without prior project or change management experience may seem like the most cost-efficient option, however, this could extend timelines or result in greater long-term expense should things not go to plan.

Savant has a broad range of Project and Change Managers with significant experience of running and delivering projects in finance and technology areas including ERP System Implementations, Finance Transformation, Restructure and Cost Reduction to name but a few areas.

Savant Recruitment boasts a team of specialised Projects and Change professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in talent solutions, complimented by thorough market research. Whether you are looking to create a team from scratch or expand your existing team, we can provide you with our skilled support and guidance, along with access to the top talent in the industry. For further information on how we can assist you, please contact us at


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