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Salesforce DevOps Expectations in 2022

Posted by Krishangi Dahiya on 04/08/2022


In 2021, Salesforce expanded its cloud offerings to include new additions like Health Cloud 2.0 and stellar acquisitions like Slack. So at present it is worthwhile to discuss Salesforce DevOps expectations amidst the addition of these new clouds into the Salesforce ecosystem. 


Combined Metadata Strategy for Acquisitions

With respect to Salesforce acquisitions, it is clear that not all products have the same set of technology stack that can easily fit into the metadata models. 

Whether it is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Muelsoft, there is a big gap in technology stacks and despite a few years since acquisitions, customers still dont find the metadata to fully automate their CI/CD pipelines like a sales or service cloud

However, this year, it is expected that salesforce would streamline change management for the newly introduced clouds and provide API support so that customers can maintain unified DevOps models for their entire salesforce practice. 


Data as Metadata 

Deployments are complex, whether in the case of Vlocity, nCino or Salesforce CPQ. These deployments involve configurations as data packs along with metadata and are driven by complex relationships between objects. 

These tools are expected to continue their momentum in 2022 and it is extremely important for companies to have a proper DevOps strategy for these metadata and data combinations.


DevSecOps +

In recent times, DevSecOps has seen a sharp rise in its adoption, with more and more organisations investing it into their SDLC as part of a shift-left strategy.

Cybersecurity functionalities and DevSecOps have to cover the entire supply chain system and because security vulnerabilities have not just shown the significance of DevSecOps but has also shown the direction to take beyond conventional metadata analysis for applications. 

It should also be able to navigate across different technology stacks whether it is Sales Cloud, mulesoft integration or an SAP order system at the backend, instead of maintaining rules on the sidelines at each technology layer separately. 


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