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Sell Smarter in the New Normal with Salesforce

Posted by Laura Bradsell on 05/08/2021


Almost overnight something dramatic happened last year to salespeople!

No matter what industry you belonged to, in a matter of weeks -if not days - sales teams got their jobs completely transformed. In person contact with both new and existing clients, customers and of course colleagues was abruptly cut off and legally enforced to social distance while in a lockdown. 

The former sales processes which would have taken place in meeting rooms had to become entirely digital. Customers required more communication and empathy than ever as connecting with them became the hardest it had ever been, especially during the peak of the pandemic when we saw the majority of the UK suffering from wifi connection issues. 

Not to mention, gone were the days when you could swing your chair around to pick a colleague’s brains, or convene around the coffee room to swap useful tips. 

Collaboration and communication required a whole new set of tools and skills in order for salespeople to operate at the levels they were used to. 

While everyone including salesperople had their offices transformed into their own homes when working from home became government rules - it showed employees how well their employees adapted to challenges that arise from working remotely for the first time in history!

Let’s take a moment to look at just a few of the salesforce tools that many companies adopted and compare how they can now help a further more companies to operate in the ‘new normal’, just like you did in the old one.


1. Salesforce CRM tools can help you stay connected to your customers

As a salesperson, your job is primarily about relationship building. It’s about connecting with people, often in the room, using a repertoire of verbal and non-verbal skills to forge a strong connection. So how did salespeople last year replace their warm handshakes with looking at cold hard data on their Salesforce CRM?

Well, the Salesforce CRM platform organises and consolidates “disparate” data into a more reconciled customer profile. This view of each and every customer illustrates a comprehensive information to help your sales team members to look at previous interactions from your business so that the salesperson can take a call understanding exactly what was discussed from past calls if there was every a need to have a context on a situation they can easily access this backlog of comments. 

More precisely, the Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform (the world’s #1 CRM) gives you exactly this 360 degree view of customers. Plus, it draws on that view to power  an array of tools that enable you and your business to connect intelligently, relevantly and personally with customers – without ever meeting them.


2. Sales tools can help your sales team stay informed

Have you ever heard the expression, people buy people not products. Well, selling has become more about personal interactions - of course the product or service plays a big part too but the people behind the service are just as important also!

For example, in many industries, the sales cycle can even be months long, involving cross-departmental and multi-dimensional teams to come out with a quote. And thus a single sale in such a type of business like this will typically include the touch of many people’s desks, with each person adding value along the way.

Therefore, Salesforce sales tools can help you and your teams collaborate as effectively as you did in the office (if not more so). Embedded within the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Anywhere was built to bring everything relevant to a sale – including chat, alerts, comments and video – directly into Salesforce CRM, preventing it from getting lost in email threads and text messages.

Salesforce Anywhere enables you and your sales team to collaborate on deals in real time from remote locations. It alerts you as deals progress, and even proposes next steps you can take so your sales team can stay a step ahead, wherever they are.


3.1 Sales tools can prepare you for whatever comes next

If 2020 does not ring alarm bells in the critical importance for your businesses' customer data to be on the cloud then it could be the distinction between surviving or not. 

But how can you make sure your business, and your sales tools, are able to respond quickly and effectively to change? 

Well, by implementing a cloud - native customer 360 platform will mean that your company will be able to adapt quickly and pivot to the events like we saw for example at the height of the pandemic last year in March.  

While there were many companies that already have their systems built on the Salesforce platform, there were still many more that were not nor on any other cloud platform and thus were not ready to switch to remote working smoothly from day one of the national UK lockdowns.  

Being in the cloud also means you get access to the latest innovations without complicated integrations and installations. Digital sales tools help you read the lay of the land – but they can also help you predict what might be coming over the horizon. Salesforce’s smart CRM assistant Einstein analyses data to predict outcomes – such as which sales leads and opportunities will convert. While it’s not a crystal ball – it can still give your company a competitive edge!


So how does your company compare? Does your business need to tool up? 

Well you have come to the right place. 


That's why at Savant Technology Recruitment we have partnered with CloudGaia

A platinum Worldwide Salesforce partner - with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to building digital solutions on the Salesforce platform. Our partners team of cloud experts, developers and product support specialists has extensive experience working with Salesforce cloud platforms and APIs. They can provide professional service for all products as well as Technical Architecture and Integration of Data and Systems.

Our strategic partnership allows our customers to find talent within specific areas and markets that business leaders typically do not know where to find top talent. This initiative alliance has helped large and SME firms to be connected to candidates that have been technically assessed to bring high level top talent in the ecosystem. 

Through our partnership, professionals have been introduced to our partners who will put them forward for an interview.

To find out more about how our partners have supported our customers and in turn help you with your recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to contact us via or visit us at  


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