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Steps on how to advance your career

Posted by Krina Walia on 13/06/2024


We all get to a point in our current role where we think about advancing our career in some shape or form. Most career-minded people will experience the need to progress towards their professional goals and want to develop their skills and gain further promotion.

Career advancement is a critical component for any successful professional journey, and it simply describes the process of your skills and experiences to achieve professional goals to move your career forward. The obvious type of advancement would be promotion, but maybe also involves development skills, becoming an expert in a certain field or building skills to start your own company.

The below delves into some affirmative steps to help advance your career and fulfil your career objectives, plus also improving job satisfaction, experiencing new challenges and gaining greater confidence & self-worth!


  1. Defining your professional goals - figuring out what success means to you and what your long term objectives are that you want to achieve.
  2. Communicating your needs - communication is key within your workplace if you are seeking advancement through promotion with your present employer.
  3. Proactively seek out opportunities - being proactive is key here, by pursuing opportunities both within your own company and elsewhere in industry is necessary to keep on top of the market!
  4. Networking - having a strong network can be one of the most important steps you can take to advance your career. Social media and LinkedIn is a great form of networking
  5. Never stop learning - committing to lifelong learning helps to steady the advancement in your career. Learning new skills, developing existing abilities and staying informed about changes and trends in your industry.

Here at Savant we are constantly providing our candidates with advice and guidance. We speak daily about new roles that will enable the individual candidates to progress.  However, a large part of the process is often discussing the opportunities that they may be missing in their current company. Making a move to develop your skills is always a good way of furthering your career; however, there are also situations where communicating with your boss, speaking about next-steps and internal opportunities would be the best plan.

I would suggest that people consider every eventuality and that they speak to us as a way of exploring new companies and opportunities. We can help to evaluate options and provide the best advice moving forward.


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