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"The Future of Finance: AI, M&A, and Growth Opportunities"

Posted by Daniella Sullivan on 27/11/2023


The Finance function for most Chief Financial Officers and Chief Executives this year has been approached with a priority over budgets and future resource plans, this theme will continue into next year. Finance teams will still be very Data focused with most Finance functions investing heavily in their systems, transformation and hiring more Financial Planning & Analysis skill sets. As with most technology AI is going to have some involvement, this will allow finance professionals to drive more data driven and strategic decisions with less repetition and manual work.

 As senior leaders make more decisions to digitise and transform , AI will have a disruptive impact on some businesses and the economy will create more opportunity for others as corporate and private equity firms move to acquire new companies or exit them to monetise the returns. As the market continues to grow in this sector there are a number of venture capital companies investing in other verticals such as legal tech,travel tech, real estate, media and entertainment and other AI startups.

While AI continues to be adopted, the market also predicts that there will be more mergers and acquisitions in 2024, with energy becoming increasingly competitive for investors as ‘green’ assets push up valuations and multiples on future deals. More organisations are  looking to reduce their impact on climate and net - zero strategies,with some companies acquiring mining companies to secure critical minerals that are a necessity for battery production and energy storage while private equity firms are focusing on investing in other niche sectors such as healthcare technology and e - commerce logistics.

The UK economy has shown resilience this year with GDP expected to show ‘moderate’ growth, with, at long last,disposable income set to get a significant boost of around 2.5% in 2024. 

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