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The Increasing Importance of Treasury and Cash Management

Posted by Paul Clutton on 10/08/2022


With cash management becoming more important due to rising costs created by Brexit, Covid and inflation, the role of the treasury professional has become an even more important element to the success of a business.


What is treasury management and its functions?

Treasuries oversee five core areas: asset liability management (ALM), trading and hedging, portfolio management, funds transfer pricing (FTP), and company-wide integration projects.


Why is asset/liability management important?

Managing the size and relative liquidity of a balance sheet is critical for both lowering the risk of not having enough funds to operate and to increase the competitiveness of the business through its cost of funds.


Why is treasury management important?

Treasury teams manage the balance sheet of a business and enable its functions to run smoothly. By optimizing liquidity and cost of capital, it actually has a core role in increasing return on equity and driving shareholder returns.


What’s the market like following COVID? 

COVID has increased the profile of treasury and treasurers due to the increase in focus on cash management as a result of the pandemic. Treasurers have been given more exposure to senior management/Boards, requiring them to hone their presentation and influencing skills.


Is there an area of the market that is more in demand?

The mid-level treasurer is most in demand right now – most notably at the treasury analyst and treasury manager level. Having an analytical skillset is key, however, more emphasis than ever is now given on people’s ability to form strong working relationships with the leadership teams.


Has the general salary level changed due to COVID? 

It is a candidate short market and those with strong treasury skills are at a premium. In general, treasury teams have grown over the last few years and this had led to a shortage of good candidates, with salary increases seen more at the mid and senior management levels.


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