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Your Workday Implementation plan

Posted by Gabriella Sugarman on 10/08/2023


As a Workday specialist, we help customers and partners build teams for Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, and Adaptive Insights (AI) technology implementation and support. At Savant Recruitment Experts, we offer a vast network, saving businesses time by connecting them to highly talented Workday professionals - worldwide. We take pride in our expertise in the Workday ecosystem, led by our industry veteran and ERP Clouds specialist, Gabriella Sugarman.

Gabriella’s focus at the moment is ensuring her clients are prepared for any Workday Rising updates. With the major event coming up (September, USA and November, EUR), it is essential that businesses understand what they need in a Workday team. There are key roles that are required for successful Workday implementation, so Gabriella has shared with us why each role is essential: 

  • Project Manager: The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the entire Workday implementation. They need traditional project management skills but, more importantly, prior experience in managing Workday projects. Workday implementations are unique and require knowledge of the platform's intricacies and potential pitfalls at each stage. A skilled Project Manager should excel in stakeholder management, possess technical expertise, and be able to advocate for necessary resources and timely decisions to keep the project on track and within budget.
  • Integration Lead: The Integration Lead supports the Project Manager, focusing specifically on integrations between Workday and other systems. Since Workday's strength lies in its ability to integrate with diverse systems, this role is critical for seamless data flow and maximum value from the solution. The Integration Lead should have extensive Workday experience and be both highly technical and capable of translating technical jargon into understandable terms for business stakeholders. Effective communication is key to ensuring all teams, technical and non-technical, understand the integration process.
  • Architect or Functional Lead: This role combines solution architecture experience with expertise in HCM or Finance and at least one other Workday module. The Architect makes high-level design decisions regarding how the entire Workday system will function, including understanding interactions between modules and anticipating downstream impacts of decisions. Workday experience is crucial, but specialisation in managing a particular workstream can suffice. Additionally, Architects should possess strong organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as be willing to travel if necessary.
  • Data Lead and Test Manager: Given the sensitive and confidential nature of data in Workday implementations, a data lead is vital to ensure compliance and security throughout the process. They oversee data-related aspects and ensure data integrity during and after implementation. The Test Manager comes in later and coordinates all necessary testing to guarantee a smooth rollout across the organisation. Proficiency in Jira, a common defect management tool for Workday customers, is crucial for efficient testing efforts. Experience in developing Workday testing scenarios is also essential to maximize testing during implementation.
  • Programme Manager: For large-scale implementations, a Programme Manager becomes essential. This person focuses on overall management, understanding the importance of change management, and acting as a liaison between the project manager and the business objectives. While not necessarily requiring Workday or technical expertise, the Programme Manager ensures alignment between the project's objectives and the overall organisational transformation.
  • Maintenance Staff: It's crucial to maintain the same Workday team throughout the implementation process. However, after the go-live phase, additional support roles may be necessary based on the post-production support model. These roles can be filled either by recruiting externally or by training existing permanent staff involved in the project. Ongoing support staff are indispensable for sustaining Workday success in the long run, ensuring smooth operation and resolving any issues that may arise after implementation.

So, whether you are attending Workday Rising or simply looking to build a high-performing Workday team, trust Savant's Workday practice to deliver tailored talent solutions that exceed your expectations. At Savant's Workday practice, we cater to all your talent needs, whether contract, permanent, or fixed-term contract (FTC) positions, catering to both Workday Partner and end-user customer markets. Our subject matter expertise covers a broad spectrum, ranging from entry-level to Director-level positions, across financial management, human capital management and AI.

Gabriella has a wealth of experience in staffing for Workday customers and partners, and has successfully built high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results across multiple divisions. Her expertise spans across the Americas, Europe and UK markets, making Savant a trusted partner for global talent solutions.

If you need any help or support in building your Workday team, look no further and get in touch today!


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